Hamilton Golf Club operates a dress code and a course etiquette standard, and we politely ask all members, visitors and guests to observe these standards on the course and in the clubhouse.

In the Clubhouse

Smart casual golf attire is allowed in the clubhouse, and the wearing of tailored shorts and whole denim is allowed in any area of the building. Golf shoes may be worn in the Spike Bar and Spike Lounge when accessed from outside the clubhouse.

On the Course

All shirts/tops should be tucked into trousers on the course but you may wear tops outside trousers or skirts when they are designed to do so. Shirts should have an identifiable collar unless they are round-collared golf shirts. Denim is not allowed on the course and torn or ripped denim, tracksuits/sporting team tops and cargo pants are not acceptable forms of dress.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones is permitted in the clubhouse.  Members and visitors should be respectful when answering telephone calls and move to the spike bar or locker room when conversing.  Phones may be taken onto the course for use in emergency situations only and must remain on silent/vibrate mode.