Are you looking to improve your game, perhaps you're new to golf....?  Come and learn with the professionals!

With Trackman, the world's #1 launch monitor, Derek Wright Golf offers an unrivalled golfing experience providing the most accurate analysis of your swing, enabling you to unleash your full potential.

With this new improved system our professionals can break down your swing and diagnose issues relating to many key areas of your game including:

Club Path

Face Angle

Dynamic Loft

Attack Angle

Club Speed

Ball Speed


Launch Angle

Smash Factor

Spin Rate

New to golf and don't know what these figures mean?

Don't worry, our trained professionals know everything there is to know about swing analysis and golf in general and are happy to explain the impact each of these critical areas have on your game.

Why learn to play golf with us?

Learning to play golf is not easy, not many people pick up a club and start drilling balls down the fairway like they were born to play the game. For most, becoming a good golfer takes time, so why not try to have fun along the way:

Fully Qualified PGA Professionals: Who have played the game at a high level and are always on hand to help with expert knowledge and techniques.

Trackman: the world's #1 launch monitor, enables our PGA professionals to quickly and easily identify the issues which are delaying your progression.

Tailored Coaching: Every individual is different, as such we tailor our approach to ensure we get the best results for your swing.

Hamilton Golf Club: If you're going to learn to play golf, you might as well learn at one of Lanarkshire's foremost Golf Club's.

Custom Built Teaching Zone: The ideal environment to develop your game.


1 hour Trackman Assisted Lesson, including Lesson Report & screencast                               £45

4 x 1 hour Trackman Assisted block, including reports, screenshots & skills test                       £160

6 x 1 hour Trackman Assisted block, including reports, screenshots & skills test                       £225


Lessons by appointment only, please book in advance to avoid disappointment at