The following document has been compiled after discussions with both representatives of the ladies and gent unions within Hamilton Golf Club. The document will form part of the Health and Safety policy document of Hamilton Golf Club, under the section on child protection (PVG). Control of this document is managed by the office of the Managing Secretary.


Entry into adult competitions ,that is ,all competitions beyond the maximum age of junior  membership, is by invitation only and will be extended as a privilege, on the approval of the respective Match Secretaries  and Junior Conveners or their nominated representatives, and where necessary , with parental consent.


All invitations are given on a match by match basis and these must be renewed before each competition.


Where this privilege is not renewed the Junior, if requested will be given a reason for the Club's decision.


Junior members who are invited to play in adult competitions must have a current CONGU handicap.  They are not permitted to take part in sweepstakes or monitory challenges.


Juniors under the age of 15 who are invited to play in adult competitions, must have two adults present.  Where the match would normally only have one adult, as part of a two ball then the junior will be required to find a match observer to accompany the match; the exception being if the adult is a family member.


Juniors playing in adult competitions are bound by the rules of golf and may not receive coaching from match observers or fellow competitors.


Junior members playing in adult competitions must put their age on their score card.


Hamilton Golf Club will actively encourage juniors, who are of sufficient proficiency, to compete in adult competitions in line with the Scottish golf ethos of promoting the game of golf.