There are two types of suspensions of play, each with different requirements for when players must stop play (see Rule 5.7b).

Immediate suspension (eg Lightning).

An immediate suspension is intimated by 1 continuous blast of the Air Horn.  Players should, however, suspend play immediately if they see lightning in the area irrespective of whether the Air Horn is sounded.  All players must stop play at once and must not make another stroke until the play resumes.   Players should either mark their ball or, if their ball is not close by, leave it in situ.

  • Normal suspension (such as for darkness or unplayable course).

A normal suspension will be intimated by 3 short blasts of the Air Horn.  If play is suspended in circumstances where there is no immediate danger, players have the choice to either complete the hole they are playing or mark their ball where it lies.

Following a suspension of play, players must return to the Clubhouse and a decision will be made regarding resuming play.  This decision will be made by:

  1. A Council Member or, if not available,
  2. The Pro Shop staff or, if not available
  3. The players who have left the course.  In these circumstances, players must take pictures of the unplayable areas to show why the decision was made.

If after 30 minutes there is still danger, or the course remains unplayable, the competition will be abandoned.

Players are reminded that the greens remain playable as long as there is a path to the flag.  On the green, a ball should be lifted and placed as required to avoid casual water.


Kenny Swan

Match and Handicap Convenor