Closure of Access Road


Robertson Homes Ltd who are in the final stage of building the Chatelherault Mill housing estate, now propose to resurface our access road which was damaged during the construction phase. The intention is to carry out this work on Monday 24th June 2019, and as a consequence, the road will be closed all that day until 6pm.


Accordingly, arrangements have been made with Chatelherault Park Authorities that members can use the parking facilities on Monday 24th June and from there gain access to the Clubhouse and Course. The recommendation is that Members leave their cars in the parking bays about 100 yards beyond the play area located as you enter the Park facilities. These bays are adjacent to the second pillar, stipulated on the left-hand side of the driveway, which carries surveillance cameras. There is a path directly behind this pillar which leads up the slope towards the First Fairway.  The boundary fence between the park and course will be opened to allow access. The path is passable with care for both pedestrians and trolleys.


The greatest care must be taken when entering the Course from the boundary fence opening and everyone should be alert to players on the First Tee and First Fairway.


Council appreciate your patience in this matter, but it is essential that our access road is re-surfaced,  without further delay.


By order of the Council.